Who are we?

Pause is a small, but mighty software development company. We're always looking for the right people to help grow our team. Our development projects range from internally developed projects to completely custom enterprise management solutions created to our client's specifications. We work closely with our partner company, Uplifter Inc. on their internal projects and development.

One of our top priorities is to provide a fun and comfortable work environment for our employees. Creative, intelligent solutions are what make us great. We recognize individual initiative and a strong work ethic. Everyone is encouraged to participate in creative problem solving. Our senior development and management teams, continually provide opportunities for both personal and professional growth to all employees.

Where are we?

217 Speers Road, Unit 10
Oakville, ON L6K 0J3

Software Developers Needed
Oakville/Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Knowledge and Experience

Successful applicants will have proven software development experience. Familiarity with PHP, MySQL and other Web technologies are an asset.

Programming Languages

PHP is our primary development language. However, it is more important for applicants to have strong development skills rather than be expressly familiar with PHP. We work in both procedural and object-oriented styles, often mixing the two together to provide the best ratio of efficiency and maintainability. Applicants should have a solid understanding of object-oriented programming techniques in general, as well as specific experience working with PHP 5 OOP model. We're looking for individuals who can design and implement objects in an efficient and useful way. We are not, however, looking for an OOP fanatic. We need a well-balanced developer that picks the best tool for the job.

Databases & Structured Query Language

Applicants should be familiar with relational database models and be comfortable working with non-trivial queries including complex joins, groups and sub-queries. MySQL is our primary database environment, however we do work occasionally with PostgreSQL and MSSQL.

CSS, HTML, JavaScript and Smarty Templates

Most of our web applications utilize JavaScript, CSS and HTML to some extent. We work extensively with AJAX and jQuery. While not a strict requirement, knowledge of and experience with these technologies is definitely an asset.


We don't expect junior developers to have a great deal of commercial experience, but we do expect them to have completed projects that demonstrate their talents.

If an applicant does not have a great deal of commercial experience as a developer, non-commercial or open source projects may also be considered. Conversely, if an applicant does have a great deal of commercial development experience, he or she should be prepared to demonstrate live examples of commercial projects or provide detailed descriptions of those projects.


Formal education is not as important for this position as is practical (aka "real world") experience. We evaluate an applicant mostly on his or her knowledge and skills. How those skills or knowledge were acquired are secondary considerations.

Position and Compensation

Applicants should be comfortable working either independently or in a team environment. He or she should also have the initiative to understand the scope of a project to manage some tasks independently but also be able to take direction.

Compensation and responsibilities will vary based on skill level and experience. All of our positions are on-site and full-time with a full benefits package.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying, click the 'APPLY' button below to begin the online application process.

How NOT to Apply

Please do not attempt to apply by phone, mail, email or in-person. Any applications received via any method other than the online application process will be promptly discarded.